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Shore Energy is owned by Simon Howie, a Perthshire based entrepreneur who is familiar with the waste industry and the need for change. In 2002, Simon established Shore Recycling which handled all the waste electrical goods produced by Scottish Local Authorities and enabled them to achieve their objective of a safe and reliable method of disposing of their electrical waste, whilst achieving a high level of recycling in doing so.

Shore Energy is based in Dunning, Perthshire and is currently involved in the development of a number of waste related projects – primarily in Scotland. In May 2011 the company received planning permission for its project in Carnbroe, near Coatbridge in Scotland, a decision which was confirmed by the Court of Session in September 2012, then once again in June 2013 after a 2nd judicial review. Scotland has little or no infrastructure to deal with residual waste, i.e. the products which come out of the materials recycling facilities after the metals and dense plastics have been removed. This material has a good calorific value and as well as being high in bio-mass therefore it is ideal for changing into a syngas which can then be used to power a gas engine/turbine. Our Carnbroe plant is ideally located to take materials from central Scotland which would otherwise be taken to landfill.

Other parts of Simon Howie’s Group of Companies include:

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23 November 2020