Solar PV Panels

Solar PV for multiple house owners

As part of its commitment to renewable energy, Shore Energy Ltd has entered the solar PV market and has embarked on an ambitious program of large scale, investment grade PV installations for the social/multiple housing sectors.
Shore Energy are working with Housing and Local Authorities to reduce tenants fuel bills.
-    Good for fuel poverty
-    Good for the planet

The scheme is really quite simple:

  • Authority allows Shore Energy to site Solar PV panels on  their properties house roofs for 20 years
  • Shore Energy fit high quality, fully warranted, efficient panels to suitable houses at no cost to the authority
  • Tenant benefits from being able to use the free electricity being generated
  • Shore Energy ensures:
    • Houses are all individually analysed as to their suitability
    • The highest quality panels and equipment are installed by fully accredited, experienced installers all in one day
    • The panels are warranted and maintained throughout their 20 years for a small annual charge
    • There is a significant saving for tenants, around £300 p.a.

If you have at least 250 houses and would like discuss how your tenants could benefit from free electricity please Contact Us.

Shore Energy and PV

Shore Energy is part of the extensive range of businesses owned by Simon Howie ranging from meat production and retailing through renewable energy and recycling to and fabrication and commercial property. The Shore Group has a strong track record of bringing projects to profitable reality. Our fundamental commitment to customer service and their satisfaction will ensure that this worthwhile initiative will benefit RSL landlords and tenants for years to come.  

To deliver these projects, Shore Energy has gathered an impressive team with strong complementary skills to bring these projects to fruition quickly and efficiently. Our fitting partners are fully accredited and well experienced and our specialist lawyers will make the agreement process as painless as possible.
We have sourced the best equipment from fully accredited suppliers (MCS , ISO and TUV)  and ensured that there are warranted for the 20 years of the project.

The Shore team have a strong track record in making projects like this happen. A few years ago, Shore Recycling took on the challenge of establishing one of the few fridge and other electricals recycling plants – the first and only for Scotland – and ensured that all Scottish councils had a route for this waste-stream. Now part of the Viridor group, this company continues to be an integral part of Scotland’s recycling effort.

The Facts about Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is a clean, reliable and readily available alternative. It is used to create carbon emission free electricity by using silicon cells (semi-conductors) which produce electric power directly from daylight. When light shines on the semi-conductor, the electric field across the junction between these two layers causes electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity.

The earth receives a continuous power input from the sun of 200 quadrillion Watts - that’s 200 followed by 15 zeros! An unimaginably huge amount of energy which completely dwarfs the capabilities of fossil fuels or nuclear fission; and it is clean and free.

If you install a solar PV roof, you could prevent over 34 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions during its lifetime.
The average household uses the equivalent of 3000kW hours of power per year to heat water. Installing solar PV panels on an average roof you can generate about 1000 kW hours per square metre of solar panel per year. This is free energy waiting to be collected and used all year round.
Solar energy is better for the environment than traditional forms of energy.
Solar energy is a renewable resource (it may go away at night, but we will always have it).
The earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year – so let’s use some of it.

Environmental News

23 November 2020